Why Staging in the home is So Important

Home staging has become an established real estate marketing tool, especially in the Northwest. Why? Because “visual appeal” is important to discerning buyers based on residential price points in the area.

Staging is critical when you have a vacant home that can come to life with the right interior furnishings. But it’s equally important when you have a home being lived in while on the market since it can be made more appealing with staging that helps buyers see themselves living there by removing clutter, excess furniture, and distracting personal items. Staging helps get buyers in the door Professional photos from the online listing, help draw buyers to your home, which is the seller’s first goal. Tea hard to get great photos unless the house has well ‘Staging is critical when you have a vacant home that can come to life with the right interior furnishings.’

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placed furniture and limited excess “stuff’ to distract buyers’ attention. Staging helps increase the number of showings and also ensures that the hone appeals to all the senses (it starts by being *sparkling* clean). Staging solves problem spaces Each room should show buyers the function of the space, so there’s no confusion. If your home is vacant and has an open floor plan or rooms with an unusual shape, buyers may ask “What’s this room for Don’t let them wonder; instead, “show” them how they could live there by using simple proven staging techniques. Staging shows buyers what’s important Another benefit of staging is that proper furniture arrangement and placement will help highlight a home’s best features. As an example, a living room fireplace acts as a focal point in the room and should be staged with art. above it and a few well-chosen items on the mantle to draw attention to this desirable feature. The fireplace grate should have stacked logs to lend a welcoming feeling to the loom. High ceilings and wood moldings can be highlighted with correct art placement. Hardwood floors no also important to show buyers, so rather than cover them up with large area rugs it’s best to expose them as much as possible when your home is on the market. These simple staging techniques will help your home look ‘move-in ready.’ for buyers.

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Consider the buyer’s perspective Once your home is on the market, it becomes a ‘product” that needs to appeal to the target buyer. View your property as a buyer would, not as your personal home, butane they may see themselves living in. If you mike the house (interior and exterior) and outdoor break look their bra, you greatly increase your chances for a faster sale at maximum value.

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