Tall women clothing ideas

When tall women are looking for work clothing, they can come across quite a few problems. Shopping for tall workwear is not easy! Whether you work for someone else or yourself, below are some of the best work clothing ideas for tall women, with a few top style tips for taller women along the way.

The Challenges

Although being tall can be a real plus when you are dressing, you may still find it difficult to get your outfit in balance.

You have lots of flexibility when it comes to getting dressed.

It’s really up to you whether you prefer to show off your tallness or whether you would like to look a little shorter.

In general, as a tall person, you will want to achieve the following with your clothing:

  • Get your outfit well-proportioned and create a flattering silhouette
  • Find properly fitted clothes.

Alloy pants for tall women

Tall women clothing

If you’re tall, the biggest struggle is with pants. When it comes to working, it’s important to make sure that your slacks look smart. Sometimes, the options outside of regular size are a little extra. The fastest way to lose credibility in a work situation is to show up looking disheveled with pants that are too short.

It’s worth deciding if you plan on wearing the pants with heels or not before choosing the length. It should be noted that dress pants, even with heels on, should just skim the ground. If they hit the ankle, they’re too short. Then again, skinny pants and cropped trousers are popular, too. By design, they’re supposed to be shorter. You won’t have to be concerned with extra length or limitations with heels. Choose your length and inseam wisely!

Blazers and Blouses

Tall women clothing

Being tall, usually means you have long limbs, including long arms. To find a stylish blazer that fits your arms, try shopping tall styles, and brands that specifically design clothing for tall women. Online stores have several clothing options for taller women, including matching pantsuits and separates.  You may want to add an interesting idea if you want to try a regular blazer. If you’re running into a problem with finding one with sleeves that fit, cuffing or rolling the blazer to 3/4 sleeve is completely acceptable. In fact, most blazers now have a fun lining so it would be an accent to the outfit.

A lot of variety is available online for its customers to avail discounts and shop without having to worry about their wallets getting empty.


Tall women clothing

If you’re tall, skirts can be tricky. What would be a knee-length skirt on some can turn into a mini skirt for tall women. If your work environment is more conservative or corporate, look for a pencil skirt in a tall size that hits just above the knee. A lot of designers make elegant workwear, including tall-sized skirts and separates, like the leopard print version here. Another great length for tall women is the midi skirt. While regular length maxi skirts can often be too short or an awkward length, a midi length is work-appropriate and on-trend.

Accessories and Shoes

Tall women clothing

If you’re tall and also wear a larger shoe size, work shoes can be an ordeal to find. Choose a heel height that works with your pant length and personal comfort. There’s no need to shy away from heels if you want to wear them. And remember, if you don’t want the extra height, you don’t have to wear heels to look stylish at work. Smart-looking flats, loafers, and oxfords are chic, too.

  • Wear long chunky necklaces, which bring attention to your center.
  • If your arms are long too, you can go wild with lots of big bracelets. (If prefer to not show them off, check out our tips on how to cover your arms).
  • You can wear heels or flats. Most tall women will look best in shoes with shaped heels, like kitten heels.
  • Large bags look good on you as well.

Custom Clothing

If you’re having trouble finding great work outfits for a tall frame, try having them expertly made for you! The most crucial thing is to find a garment that perfectly fits your height. More often than not off-the-rack only offer standard length and fit. Made-to-measure offers unique garments, cut and sewed for each individual body type. Stressing upon the importance of trying custom clothing, it won’t be wrong to say that for the working women, a professional appearance is highly important and will tell a lot about you. You want to feel comfortable, elegant, and confident which can only be done with custom-made clothes.

Choosing Tops and Jackets for Tall Women

  • Wear tops with round necks. V-necks will simply draw the eye downwards and elongate your figure further.
  • Choose blazers with waist definition.
  • Bell sleeves will give extra shape to your arms.
  • The current peplum style works very well for tall women and gives you more shape.
  • If you like to tuck in your tops, combine with a longer tailored jacket or blazer.
  • Wear tops over your bottoms rather than tucked in.

Choosing Bottoms When You are Tall

  • Opt for A-line skirts.
  • Although you can wear many kinds of trousers you will look particularly good with trousers with a slight flare.
  • You are one of the lucky ones who can wear capris without any problems, but they will still decrease your nice long legs. Combine with shapely tops! Check out more tips on how to wear capris.
  • You will also look good in maxi dresses, but make sure they have the correct length. Of course, these will make you appear very tall.

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