The OODIE Review 2021

Every autumn a piece of novelty clothing appears, covering the wearer from head to toe, wrapping them in a feeling of embryonic safety. We’ve had the onesie (as popularized by One Direction and Robbie Williams), the Slanket, the Snuggie, the mermaid tail blanket. And this year we have the Oodie.

Resembling a blanket with a hood and featuring versions covered in doodles of unicorns, cartoon avocados, sloths, pizzas, and in shades of tie-dye, it might look like a twee gimmick but its selling point is its comfort level.

Lately, blankets that double as hoodies have become very popular among everyone. They offer the warmth of a real blanket, but also the comfort of a hoodie! There have been so many options to choose from, like The Oodie, The Comfy, and The Blankets Hoodies, but we’re going to help you select the best one for the season!

Cozy Huggle Hoodie Blanket Red for Men Women Teens | Hoodie blanket, Comfy  hoodies, Hoodie cozy

Each is a great option, but we want you to get the best cuddles from your blanket hoodies. This Oodie brand runs in Australia but offers a selection of Oodie’s on their other country sites. The Oodie is an oversized hooded blanket that anyone can use for comfort! Just like the rest, they offer a one-size-fits-most with different styles.


The Oodie uses a soft flannel fleece exterior that keeps you feeling warm and protected from the cold. The interior uses Sherpa-lined fleece – which is close to the feeling of sheep’s fleece! They claim that their fleece is a durable polyester fabric that holds in warmth. The Oodie is machine washable.


The Oodie does offer many different styles. On their US site, they offer only two solid color Oodies – Pink and Grey. They do offer more fun styles like , the Corgi Oodie, Koala Oodie, Otter Oodie, and more. These all come in the same one-size-fits-most and at a length that does not touch the floor. You can also purchase a pack of Oodies of different styles if buying for many people. They also feature a pocket in the front so your hands can feel warm too.

Kmart $29 Oodie goes viral on TikTok


These Oodies are pretty pricey! They start at $99 for one and $594 for a Mega Pack which includes 6 Oodies.

The “blanket hoodie” is made with two types of fleeces (flannel and Sherpa) and sells itself as the “warmest… piece of clothing you’ll ever own”, rivaling any fleece items you might already have. It keeps you nice and warm and is easy to move around in. It makes you feel like a big marshmallow. They are super comfy and you have such a nice, soft, and high-quality experience while wearing them.

Items like the Oodie and weighted blankets, which offer a simulacrum of touching, can appeal to those who feel deprived of physical contact in the pandemic. Just as people are watching AMSR videos to help with their anxiety and buying candles and diffusers that evoke familiar fragrances, they are pivoting to items like the Oodie to give themselves familiar tactile sensations of wellbeing.

Oodie Mega Pack

Oodie Mega Pack – The Oodie UK

The Oodie is a super soft ONE SIZE FITS MOST hooded blanket. It is based on a 6XL hoodie. With soft flannel fleece on the outside and warm Sherpa fleece on the inside, you’re going to feel like you’re hugging a sheep. Plus, it’s also 100% cruelty-free. Machine washable and no fuss. Just toss it in the washing machine and that’s it!  Your perfect companion to virtually anywhere: summer camping, evening naps on the couch, hanging out with friends, cuddling with your pet, and so much more…

Why Shop from The Oodie?

Customer Friendly Return Policy

Even though the company is sure that you will love The Oodie, however, if you do not find The Oodie suitable for you they do offer a 30-day returns policy. The product being returned must be in an unused condition and returned along with the storage bag and bow that it arrives in. If your return item arrives without the bag or bow or is deemed unfit by the inspection team for any reason the company has the right to deny your refund.

If you need to return your Oodie you can also contact via with your order name and number, as well as the reason why you would like to return your Oodie. The customer service team will then ask few mandatory questions regarding your return in order to for us to avoid people taking advantage of our system. They will send you a return shipping label for free, that you will be required to attach to your original packaging before dropping it off at a post office.

Smooth Delivery Service

They use Royal Mail and DPD express delivery for most of the deliveries within the UK (as well as a number of EU countries). You can expect your parcel within 2-4 business days (or 3 – 8 business days outside of the UK). When they ship the order, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. Please don’t stress if there are no scan events within the first 24 hours – the system can take a day or so to catch up. If you live outside the UK and are tracking your delivery via a Royal Mail link, please click on the red box saying continue tracking to follow it through to your local mail delivery service. If you have ordered 2 items from them, please note that they may arrive in separate packaging at separate times.  If your order does not arrive within 4 business days (or 8 business days for orders outside the UK), you can contact them for following it up with the courier. They guarantee your parcel’s delivery by requiring a signature on arrival. If you accept “leave in safe place” directly with the courier they will no longer take responsibility for the package.

Please note that if you purchase a pre-sale item and an in-stock item in the same order, both items will be sent out at the same time once all stock is available at the warehouse for dispatch.

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