Matching Your Fashion Items for a Perfect Look

The rich and famous, movie and rock stars wear the same stuff you do, but the difference is that their stuff actually fits them. James Bond looks better smoking than you do because he got it tailored. This is why the first rule of fashion is probably the most important one. You can look good in almost everything if it fits you perfectly. There are many guides out there on how to know if a piece of clothing fits you or not, so I won’t write about that in this guide. Assuming that you actually have stuff that fits you. Keep wearing that and start adding the fashion basics to your wardrobe.

The Colors

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Once again, they’re already plenty of guides on color theory out there. My personal advice for you is to pick two or three main colors that match and get everything in any of those two or three colors. This way you’ll never have to worry about what pieces of clothing you can wear together again. Because everything matches. I chose white, blue, and brown for my own wardrobe because they’re all-natural colors and very easy to pull off. I think those are a good choice for beginners. Although you can easily change brown to black. That’s just a matter of personal preference. The leather you’re wearing (belt. Shoes/boots, bag, purse, and other accessories like your watchband) should all match; the same color (brown or black. Please keep in mind that wearing one color exclusively will make you look boring.

Some more words of personal advice: black and brown are very hard to pull off together and extensive red enhances aggression toward the wearer.


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As mentioned before, I don’t think you’ll ever need more than three different pairs of shoes. Always take good care of your shoes and they’ll last year! Clean (and wax) them regularly, especially leather ones. Check one of the many guides out there on how to treat your shoes right.

Now if you own a suit, you’ll also need an additional pair of dress boots. Desert boots can work, but getting an extra pair of oxfords would be better. Expect to spend more money on a good pair of oxfords or wingtips than on any other of your footwear.

One more thing: always match your shoes and boots to your belt!


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The last things you should worry about. They’ll complete your outfit though and will make you stand out if done right!

One of the first and probably the most important accessory you need would be something to carry your stuff around. My personal preference goes for messenger bags. rather than backpacks because I think the latter one is hard to pull off. (Canvas and leather are a great combination and my preferred fabrics.) Expect to spend at the very least 50-100E on either one (you can get cheaper ones but keep in mind you’re looking for quality). Zara always has some really nice bags in their range. I wouldn’t recommend a suitcase unless you really need one for work. Remember to match the color of your bag or backpack to the rest of your outfit!

The next thing on the list is a wallet. Leather is the obvious fabric of choice. Match the color to one of your boots, belt, and other accessories. You can’t really go wrong here, but I’d still recommend picking a flat and simple one. Personally, I don’t think you actually need a wallet. I keep my money in my pockets and credit cards in my bag. but I guess that’s a matter of personal preference.

You also want a nice pair of sunglasses in summer. Now there are so many good-looking sunglasses out there. I can’t really make any recommendations, but I strongly suggest not to wear Ray-Ban Wayfarer (almost everyone’s wearing them at the moment and as mentioned before. accessories should make you stand out, not fit in). Just get one that comforts your face (there are special guides for that) and matches the rest of your outfit. Sports glasses are a no-go (unless you’re doing sports).

The last thing on my list is an (analog) watch. Preferably leather-strapped matched to your belt, shoes, and wallet. Be sure to get one made by a watch company and stay away from designer ones (overpriced). There are many great watches for under 100E by entry-level brands like Timex. Seiko. Citizen. Skagen and many more. Keep in mind that nowadays a watch is a piece of jewelry and its main function is to look good rather than to tell the timellfal’s general opinion is to keep your watch as vintage and minimalistic as possible. That means no special features like stopping time or even date display; you can use your phone for that. Some might say automatic and mechanic watches are superior to quartz ones. but I think that’s nonsense. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

The Look

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Personal hygiene is very important, especially for your face. You can look good even with bad genetics as long as you take care of your hygiene. Beards should be avoided, although some people might look good with one, you’re probably none of them. Having a good and healthy body is part of it too (pay /fit/ a visit and check out they’re sticky). While it is possible to be overweight and still dressing well, you’ll never get the same amount of respect you’d get with an attractive and healthy body.

About your hair; the only person who can tell you what haircut might suit you is a professional barber. So please, please stop making threads about how to cut your hair on Nal! It really depends on a lot of things, not just your face shape. It depends on things we can’t judge just by seeing some photographs. My only personal advice for you is to try to avoid shampoo as much as possible. You might want to stop using it completely, wash your hair with water only. It’ll start getting greasy fast at first, but after a few weeks, it’ll start looking great and becoming easy to style. For styling, reasons use hair wax like Gatsby. Don’t use any form of gel or spray.

The very last topic I want to talk about is your personal fragrance. Please avoid deodorants like Axe or any fragrance produced by sports brands like Adidas. Those are cheap for a reason. I can’t tell you what fragrance to wear. that’s a matter of your personality. You can’t really go wrong with Armani Code and Calvin Klein’s One though.

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