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I often encounter puzzled faces when I tell people what I do. The business currently believes in running an ethical fashion company that provides a platform and global market to brands that employ women artisans and marginalized communities from the developing world. Quite a mouthful! Most people find it an oxymoron. But fashion and ethics don’t go hand in hand. The curiosity within this question reaches another level when they learn that the company is not a charity but a for-profit business that aims to provide a sustainable solution towards poverty through fashion. Is that possible?

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IGIGI, which operates an eCommerce site and wholesales to boutiques around the country, aims to be an aspirational but relatable brand. As such, Raquel prefers to use campaign models whose bodies reflect those of actual customers, but finding quaffed professional plus models with genuinely hill figures can be challenging in a world where straight-size fashion says a size 8 is plus. The marketing ads are screaming every time the modeling agency sends stacks of model cards. Every gin that is started with as a size 16 or 18 is a size 12 two years later. They’re being pressured especially girls who are 16 and up. In all my career, there were maybe four or six models who are a genuine 16 and higher.

Runway treatment for the shapely shopper event held in New York City since 2009, gives style-savvy plus-size women a place to see small designers creating big fashions for the heavy figure. In 2012, the show featured 23 brands, including buzz-worthy labels such as Youthberry Khmer, Ashley Nell Tipton, 17 Sundays, Libri, Curvato, SKWiLBUR, and MYNT 1792 -which was picked up by Nordstrom in fall 2012. It potentially could introduce high-end designer labels to the plus-size consumer. Moreover, the arrival of fresh, more flattering fashions, the company reports, may also prompt retailers to pursue occlusive labels or designer partnerships, such as singer Adele’s rumored plus-size collaboration with Burberry.

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Ethical fashion is a well-defined movement within the fashion industry that recognizes the importance of fairness in creating fashion. Ethical fashion places emphasis on the environment and on people that are part of the production process — your factory workers, stitchers, dyers, etc. Ethical fashion companies hold the people and the environment at the core of their values and create fashion that positively affects the start till the end of the supply chain. This leads to lower prices, but there are multiple ways of shopping at online stores with savings.

Ethical fashion is now growing rapidly from high street brands to couture houses that are embracing these practices and incorporating them into their collections. Dolce & Gabbana, an international designer brand, has collaborated with other ethical fashion brands to create a sustainable clothing line.

Fendi has started a socially conscious collection. The PPR Group, one of the world’s leading fashion groups that owns brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent has launched a sustainability scheme for its brands.

Balenciaga, another luxury fashion label sources wool and cashmere from communities in Peru and Mongolia that are at the risk of losing a livelihood. The wonderful thing is that the list doesn’t end here. Every day, more and more fashion houses and brands are incorporating and helped them create handbags that were works of art, trendy, and made a statement. Soon after famous brands, we saw more fashion brands around the world that focused on socially responsible fashion. They produce exquisite pieces that not only tell a story but help to create sustainable employment and education for women and girls.

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Gucci is an internationally known Italian brand of high-end fashions and accessories for men, women, and children. They offer free shipping from time to time so if you do not see that offer, check back often. Numerous not-for-profit organizations work with craftsmen and women in urban and rural areas by reviving indigenous crafts and creating job opportunities and livelihoods. Recently, three socially responsible fashion brands launched to bring about the awareness of ethical fashion to the forefront. This initiative has been a huge success and customers love the fact that ethical practices while producing fashion that is commercial and desirable. Ethical fashion is not geographically restricted and is picking pace gradually.

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