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It takes a lot of thinking, efforts and time, for a woman to decide what to wear in for work daily. It’s like no matter how many outfits do you have, they are never enough. As it is said that a first impression is the last impression, this implies the most on your place of work, from your very first internship, to any job that you might do in future, you always need to leave a good impression by your over all look, your outfit tops the list. As every work place is different you need to choose a dress accordingly, making sure it is sophisticated enough to meet the requirements, or casual enough, it totally depends on the kind of job you are opting for. But all of it doesn’t end here, then begins the what to wear on daily basis saga, and that is a never ending one, one need to go through a daily dose of deciding what to where the next day that should be fitting in the dress code that your company might be following. Obviously, one cannot wear the same clothes to work everyday unless there is a uniform that one has to wear. Also, one can simply not opt for expensive professional wear because it isn’t a one-time thing, it’s for daily purpose.

We have highlighted some of the places you can shop for affordable office wear, also the kind of clothes that one should be purchasing:

1. H&M

H&M – 1 Mont Kiara

They are one the largest companies globally that deals with the most affordable work wear like blazers, vests, shirts and pants without compromising on the class and trends. It also offers plus sized outfits to break stereo-types.


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The have a huge line of office wear like shirts, trouser, blazers, coats, vests along with elegant and sophisticated footwear for both men and women, like heels and shoes and straps. They also keep on introducing a lot of sales so that you can get the most benefit from their line of clothing.

3. Next

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A finest British high street store, it offers a wide range of office wear, that too without charging an arm and leg. They offer work dresses for both men and women. They are very famous for their pinafore dresses, that’s more of a smart casual wear.

4. George at ASDA

Supermarket clothes: what makes George a top brand? | Vypr

They don’t excelin work clothes but they have a wide range of affordable work wear, with the most decent and elegant designs, they also offer made to order dresses, so if you have something in mind you can always get it made in the most pocket friendly prices.

5. Primark

Primark Is Fastest-Growing Retailer in America: History, Details

It is the most suitable for budget friendly work clothes, but that wouldn’t make you compromise on the class and edginess, they have a huge range of smart casual wear like dresses, skirts and shirts.

6. Reiss

Next enters luxury space with Reiss strategic partnership valued at £200m -  Industry - InternetRetailing

They offer a huge range of the finest office wear for both men and women. They commit to deliver innovative and original product with exceptional design, quality and the value for money. Their tailored wide leg and cropped trouser are the most popular.

7. Zara

From Zero to Zara: The Secret of Fast Fashion - Healy Consultants PLC Blog

The best place to fill in your office wardrobe! You can find the trendiest and the most elegant office wear at their stores for both genders. The best part is they are very budget friendly so you can definitely hoard up most of it, so you don’t have to worry what to wear daily.

8. Nordstrom Rack

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Buy the trendiest and the most sophisticated office wear for both men and women, like vests, trousers, shirts, skirts along with the suitable office accessories like belts, shoes, heels, without going bankrupt.

9. Hobbs

All Sale | Sale Clothes, Dresses, Coats, Tops & Shoes for Women | Hobbs  London | Hobbs

They are famous for their finest tailored work wear. They offer both professional and casual office wear, so you can choose the most suitable accordingly in the most affordable budget.

10. J. Crew Factory

So Much Holiday Fun With J.Crew Factory — J's Everyday Fashion

They offer you to fill up your office wardrobe with the trendiest of office appropriate dresses for every gender without breaking your bank. Shop for the most outstanding shirts, trousers, vests, blazers and carry a new style at work everyday while staying in your budget!

The kind of clothes one should purchase:

Professional Look (Men):

CALL ME GENTLEMAN | Mens outfits, Menswear, Stylish men

There are a few items that goes with the professional dress code like a suit, which includes a coat or a blazer along with a shirt and tie along with a suit trousers also known as formal pants and shiny narrow toed smart shoes, cufflinks and a laptop bag. It gives a more proffesion and complete look for your work place.

Professional Look (Women):

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A suit jacket with a neatly starched collar shirt, along with suit trouser or a pencil skirt, plain flats or heels in black, with a not very funky, floral or printed bag but a more decent work bag or a laptop bag will complete the look.

Smart Casual (Men):


A buttoned down shirt, with suit trousers or a chino along with leathered shoes, (not very formal), with a blazer or a trench coat.

Smart Casual (Women):

900+ Dress Code: Smart Casual ideas | style, casual, smart casual attire

A buttoned down top, culottes or high waisted pants, with heels or open toed smart shoes and a trench coat on the top. Or a smart knee length black dress will give out a smart casual look.

Casual (Men):

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A casual shirt or a tee with Jeans along with trainers or boots, a blazer on the top with a backpack.

Casual (Woman):

Women Business Casual Outfit with Long Black Pants with Blue Shirt and ...  | Trendy business casual, Womens business casual, Womens casual outfits

it can pretty much be the same, a shirt or a t-shirt with jeans, a cropped jacket on the top, along with boots or trainers, flats or open-toed pump and a shoulder bag can be the best casual but work appropriate dress. For women a casual jumper is even good to go.

These are a few standard sets that we have picked according to the usual work places but it might vary according to the kind of job or the place you are working at. So pick what’s best and the most comfortable for you.

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