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I would be lying if I said I don’t have memories to freeze in a frame. We all go through moments in our lives that really make us think we should stop and save them somewhere. Mixbook got you; their designs and customization to frame your captured moments that they have received recognition and attention from popular publications such as The New York Times, TechCrunch, The Verge, and The Washington Post.

Mixbook has more than 70,000 followers on their Instagram and more than 100,000 likes on their Facebook page – that alone shows that they are paying a lot of attention to them on social media. How do they tell a story? Calendar that fills nostalgia, a photo book that tells one story or another, photo prints with colorful memories – Mixbook has it all.

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Let’s Dive Into Mixbook

Mixbook was founded in 2006 by UC Berkley, Andrew Laffoon, and Aryk Grosz, who focused on solving the high school problem of creating a scrapbook, and when Mixbook was updated, it allowed their customers to create while creating custom stuff for yourself to help.

Mixbook has published over 55 million calendars, photo prints, cards, and even canvases for so many years. It uses high-quality, heavyweight papers sourced from authentic forests and verified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance.

Pictures always tell a story or are worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s an incomplete story or not the full summary, Mixbook has a solution for that and gives you full authority to choose from a wide variety of topics or add text to your projects. , or appointments and other mandatory things that make it so beautiful and different.

Mixbook Products & Pricing

Advantages and disadvantages

Personalized photo books, cards, calendars, and home accessories are prioritized at Mixbook. It’s very affordable and with different size ranges to choose from. The design process is extremely simple. They also come with discounts and unique offers at times.

The great thing about Mixbook is that you, as a customer, communicate with them and then decide on a shoot. You can add, move or delete images and text, change the layout, and choose from multiple stickers and backgrounds to enhance any page. Including the cover.

You can also upload your stickers and domains, in short, your wedding album is your stuff, the downsides are, the quality of the product, it’s not what you expected, the low number of reports and inconsistent quality is what sets us apart Question the Process and the Pictures Sometimes you may be done adjusting the exposure. When the end product arrives According to many reviews, customers who have tested Mixbook and created projects arrive faster than others.

The photos are nicely and thickly covered; You could stay protected for many years. There’s a feature called Flyleaf that gives printed content a sleek feel. The playback quality of Mixbook is first class. What sets Mixbook apart the most is the range of functions it offers.

Mixbook Designs: Welcome Baby Photo Book — Mixbook Inspiration

Mixbook offers a device shortcut option that allows you to browse and upload photos right from your computer, connect to your social media accounts, and upload from your mobile device using QR code without switching devices. With additional photo editing tools, you can add effects to photos using the Effects drop-down menu.

For example, you can change the hue, hue, blur, spacing, angle, or brightness of the image so that no special image editing software is required.


Mixbook is simply the best. Yes, that is the final verdict. Whenever a service comes out that has fewer disadvantages, but more advantages, it always wins. I can’t say much more, you can read it and look up the reviews. You believe me, will never be disappointed with Mixbook.

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