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    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collection Starting From $8
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    Shop Our Best Sellers Items Starting As Low As $15

    Shop Our Best Sellers Items Starting As Low As $15
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    Checkout Our Home Decor Items Starts From Only $6.30

    Checkout Our Home Decor Items Starts From Only $6.30
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  • Do you feel like decorating? If so, have a look at the American furniture and home décor company that creates and collects cutting-edge items from across the world.

    Lulu & Georgia’s designer items have been featured in Elle Decor, Forbes, and The Spruce because of their ability to elegantly blend modern and old aesthetics. The company has also received a ton of love on social media; they have 910k Instagram followers.

    Want to know more? So, I hope. The brand will be thoroughly examined in this study, along with its high-end furniture and household items. To assist you determine whether their items are worthwhile to purchase, I’ll also look at user reviews, special offers, and other factors.

    Lulu and Georgia, the self-described “style-obsessed” customer’s go-to source for designer furniture, carpets, and home items, was founded in 2012 with Sara Sugarman at the helm. With her family-run company, Decorative Carpets, Sugarman has deep familial ties in the area of luxury carpeting.

    Though she decided to try things on her own and launch a business that produces and sources contemporary, designer furniture and chic home items. You may quickly browse for carpets, cushions, wall art, and more from the convenience of your home. Los Angeles serves as the headquarters of Lulu and Georgia.

    Let’s continue our evaluation now that you’ve learnt about the background of this modern brand. We’ll look at a few firm highlights that sum up what a customer might anticipate when purchasing from this brand.


    1. A broad selection of modern, designer furnishings and household items.
    2. Most items have a 60-day money back guarantee.
    3. Numerous favourable feedback highlights their excellent quality and distinctive designer aesthetics.
    4. Huge Sale with discounts of up to 50%.
    5. Program for extra discounts when you refer a buddy.
    6. It is more sustainable, since many things are created to order.
    7. Join their email list to receive additional benefits and discounts.

    Now that I’ve given you a general description of the company, let’s move on to the truly exciting stuff, all of the designer furniture, carpets, wall art, and cushions, especially for fans of interior design! From their vast selection, I’ve selected the top items and have provided reviews for each one below. So read on for more in this review.

    The ideal rug may be a true centre point in any area in addition to serving as a space’s complement. Additionally, you may use it as a source of inspiration for other aspects of interior design.

    There are so many wonderful Lulu and Georgia rugs to select from, including a wide variety of designer rugs from all over the world and pieces that fit both indoor and outdoor settings. So, let’s look at some of their best-selling items.

    Want to give your bedroom, home office, or living area a little personality? Check out this Lulu and Georgia Rabina Moroccan Style Rug if it describes you.

    The 100% wool rug looks well in contemporary spaces when you want to add some interesting, geometric, or tribal designs to divide the area up. This wool rug, which comes in a range of sizes, fits very well with simple furnishings and a restrained colour scheme. Alternately, you might make it the centerpiece of your room’s design and centre the entire space on its remarkable presence. It’s priced at $578.

    Looking for a simple, pragmatic design that fits nicely with a range of settings? You could find it in the Lulu and Georgia Bryn Jute Rug. 100% handwoven jute is used to create the Bryn rug. You may feel completely at ease placing this rug down in a shared family environment because no strange, synthetic colours or chemicals were used in the production process.

    The natural hue, which is a creamy and gorgeously neutral tint, is another option. If you want to add some brown, you may also choose a combination of natural and espresso. Prices for the Lulu and Georgia Bryn Jute Rug start at $78.

    If you frequently browse Pinterest for design ideas, Lulu and Georgia’s furniture area offers a wide selection of stylish pieces that are both practical and visually beautiful. so that you might discover even more excellent pin ideas.

    Let’s check out some of the most well-liked furniture items from the company…

    On solid wood with rattan embellishments, it has simple lines and soft, creamy linens. The Lori Sofa by Lulu and Georgia is a genuine minimalist’s paradise!

    This sofa is a real conversation starter as well since, whether you use it as a modern-style bench for your foyer or place it in your living room, people will undoubtedly stop and appreciate it. The Lulu and Georgia Lori Sofa is currently up for presale and costs $2,699.

    Are you looking for a chest of drawers that is strong, durable, and has subdued, gentle tones? If so, have a look at the 6-Drawer Dresser by Lulu and Georgia Brooke.

    The dresser’s sturdy oak construction and timeless, neutral appearance make it entirely adaptable for any room. It would look great in a nursery, giving it a cozy atmosphere. With its rounded corners and iron drawer knobs, the dresser would also look stunning in a modern living room or den. There are countless options! The cost of the 6-Drawer Dresser by Lulu and Georgia is $2,498.

    Looking for a retro-styled office chair that is also cozy to relax in? If so, adding the Lulu and Georgia Bilbao Office Chair to your home office would be ideal.

    This office chair has a distinctive twist and a nice brown leather backing. Turning the chair around reveals a soft seat made of a linen-blend fabric with a supportive back cushion. The neutral leather and linen materials go well together. The chair’s five wheeled, aluminium-pronged legs give it a sturdy and stable basis. You can get the Lulu and Georgia Bilbao Office Chair into your life for $949.

    Do you get thrilled about replacing your couch or bed with the newest cushions and pillows? If so, we concur. It must be among the most affordable ways to remodel a living area. Let’s have a look at the most popular pillows from Lulu and Georgia’s collection.

    Check out the Lulu and Georgia Macy Pillow if you’re someone who simply can’t stop feeling the plush textures and textiles all around you.

    The Macy pillow is a luxury cushion that is created in both a multicolor and a grey fabric. It is truly a kaleidoscope of different textures, patterns, and weaves. And the best part is that when put together, everything makes sense! When you place a few of them on a plain couch, your attention will be quickly attracted to the pillows’ intricate pattern and plush texture. Priced at $108 is the Lulu and Georgia Macy Pillow.

    We all need a place to lay our feet when the day has been long and difficult. The Lulu and Georgia Kenza Moroccan Pouf can be the tranquil space for you if you’re feeling extra posh.

    This pouffe, which is made of buttery, soft leather, has a top panel that has been decorated with detailed embroidery all around it. This pouffe may provide a bohemian touch to any living area, den, or even a warm bedroom. The cost of the Lulu and Georgia Kenza Moroccan Pouf is $240.

    Who said back pillows couldn’t be fashionable and lovely? The Lulu and Georgia Stonewalk Long Lumbar Pillow by Élan Byrd wasn’t seen by anybody, for sure.

    This cushion was created by Miami-based designer and artist Élan Byrd, and it would be an interesting addition to a sofa. It may also be used as a stylish designer pillow in bed that provides reliable back support. This neutral pillow’s white and mild green design makes it incredibly adaptable and ideal for practically any setting. Priced at $198, Élan Byrd’s handcrafted Lulu and Georgia Long Lumbar Pillow is crafted by hand.

    Lulu and Georgia offer everything, whether you want to hang a mirror on the wall to make a room seem bigger or you prefer an unusual piece of art that inspires curiosity and conversation. Let’s look at some of their most well-liked wall decor pieces for the home.

    I’ve compiled a list of the best-selling wall decor items from the Lulu and Georgia website this review…

    There isn’t much more stylish than hanging fabrics on the wall. These days, so many individuals are engaging in it. Check out the Lulu and Georgia Thera Vintage Textile Wall Art if that’s your thing.

    Since all of the retro-style rugs and tapestries are placed in a natural, wood boxed frame, this limited-edition textile collection adds a cool twist to the wall-art craze. This is a great modern, stylish way to add some unexpected wall art to your house. The cost of the made-to-order Lulu and Georgia Thera Vintage Textile Wall Art is $1,870.

    A mirror may provide light and brightness to a room while also adding a feeling of depth. Check out the Lulu and Georgia Theron Round Mirror if you’re looking for something distinctively formed that will draw attention.

    This spherical mirror, which has a rough, deformed iron frame and an old brass finish, is mounted on the wall of a living room to serve as a light reflector. It would also make a distinctive focal point item in a contemporary dining room or bedroom. The cost of the Mirror is $449.

    The days when every wall needed to be a bright white in order to be deemed modern and stylish are long gone. Check out the Lulu and Georgia Jungle Wallpaper Mural if you want to make a statement with your wall decor.

    A vivid, modern jungle landscape filled with monkeys and birds can be seen on this wallpaper mural. But because it was created in an international and avant-garde style, there is nothing cheesy about it. The dominant hues are creams and lush, rich greens. The cost for the Wallpaper Mural is $175 and it is built to order.

    Who Is Lulu and Georgia Perfect For?

    For those who genuinely take delight in their homes and aren’t frightened of a big price tag, Lulu and Georgia is the place to go. especially when it comes to spending money on contemporary, well-made, designer-made furniture and décor.

    The contemporary collection by Lulu and Georgia comprises several cutting-edge designs with timeless elements. Anyone who maintains an active Pinterest board will enjoy this seamless blending of the old and modern.

    If something doesn’t quite fit your design sense, you can quickly switch out components and try something different from their collection thanks to simple 60-day returns for most goods and delivery across the United States. Making your fashionable, attractive, designer-inspired interiors will thus be enjoyable and simple.

    Customer Reviews

    We would be lacking in our review if we didn’t look at any consumer reviews. So, let’s see what those fans of interior design have to say about this contemporary home décor company.

    Let’s start by visiting the company’s website. We’ll investigate how shoppers evaluate some of their most well-liked furniture and household products…

    Lulu and Georgia Kira Desk – an average of 5/5 stars based on three reviews.

    Lulu and Georgia Jungle Wallpaper Mural – an average of 4.5/5 stars based on 17 reviews.

    Lulu and Georgia Bobbi Chandelier – an average of 4.5/5 stars based on six reviews, with one shopper calling it “absolutely stunning!”

    Lulu and Georgia Olema Handwoven Throw – an average of 5/5 stars based on six reviews, with one customer noting that it’s a “beautiful statement blanket”.

    On the brand’s website, several buyers have posted ecstatic evaluations. Numerous people comment on how well-made the designer furniture and home products are, using high-quality materials with an aesthetic vision that prioritizes beauty and functionality.

    Lulu and Georgia now have a 4.2/5 star rating out of six on SiteJabber. One client who bought a rug from the company gave Lulu and Georgia five stars in their review…

    “I got a beautiful rug from this place. It was quite expensive but it was a genuine Moroccan rug so it was worth it, worth every dollar I spent on it. I got the Afella rug and it looked so beautiful in my bedroom. I’m so satisfied with this purchase and I will surely return again and purchase more stuff!”

    Another thing that many consumers mention in their evaluations is how much they like the numerous artistic and creative partnerships. The Malene Barnett x Lulu and Georgia line, for instance, includes luxurious and lavish wall coverings. One client’s ecstatic post on the company’s Facebook page could not be contained, “I cannot wait for these wallpapers!”

    Numerous customers complained about the brand’s customer service division in their evaluations on TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau website. Many consumers complained in their evaluations about how they contacted the company over delayed orders and shipping but never received a response.

    However, it is evident from the overwhelmingly large number of positive reviews from delighted customers that this brand is a well-established, high-quality business with a strong reputation. And its understandable why so many individuals have decided to purchase products for their homes from this upscale business.

    Are They Worth It?

    It takes considerable introspection to respond to this question. Simply pause and consider what kinds of furniture and home accents might work best for your lifestyle and overall design scheme.

    Lulu and Georgia may very well be for you if you’re someone who wants to make a statement and buy luxury furniture that will stay.

    Lulu and Georgia can be out of your regular price range if you’re on a tight budget and want to replace your larger furniture pieces every few years. Additionally, if you’re a last-minute customer who requires prompt deliveries, you might not like the extended wait period for select Lulu and Georgia goods. Lulu and Georgia, however, can truly appeal to you if the higher price tag doesn’t bother you and you don’t mind patiently waiting for your products to come.

    Special Offers & Discounts

    Looking for some additional discounts while getting ready to tidy up your favourite place in the house? Fortunately, our Lulu and Georgia review uncovered a few alternative strategies for saving money while buying from the company’s online store…

    1. To earn 10% off your first order, subscribe to the brand’s email.
    2. Refer a Friend Program: If you send a friend to the store’s website, they’ll get $25 off their first purchase of $100 or more, and you’ll get $25 in points after they finish shopping.
    3. On their website, they provide last sale, clearance, and products with discounts of up to 50% off the original price.


    Where to Get Lulu & Georgia

    On their website,, you can shop only for designer furniture, carpets, and other items. The brand is also carried by a number of retail partners, including Wayfair and

    Who are they owned by?

    Owner of Lulu and Georgia and heir to her family’s business, Decorative Carpets, was Sarah Sugarman. She named her furniture line after her father, George, and grandpa, Lou, to pay homage to her family history while giving things a modern twist for her new company.

    Where are they based?

    The business is situated in the always sunny region of Los Angeles.

    Where are their products made?

    Lulu and Georgia take great satisfaction in being an American business with a Los Angeles headquarters. All of their furniture and household items are created in the country.

    Their shipping policy

    Customers of Lulu and Georgia are facing some shipment delays as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. According to the business, the product page for the specific item you’re purchasing should contain an updated shipment timetable for you.

    At this time, neither Lulu nor Georgia provides international shipping or delivery to P.O. boxes or APO addresses.

    Large or oversized furniture items shipped by freight carriers will probably extend your shipping timeframe by an extra 1 to 4 weeks starting from the date of dispatch.

    Lulu and Georgia will contact or email you to let you know when your order is nearby for freight carrier delivery. Some things need to be signed for when they are delivered.

    The price and weight of the item you’re purchasing affect the shipping costs. For things under $45 the starting price is $9. Deliveries take between 3 and 7 business days.

    For Big or “white glove” products, extra shipping and delivery fees will apply.

    Their return policy

    Do Lulu and Georgia need anything back? There are a few things you should remember…

    Within 60 days of delivery, any product on their website with the “FREE RETURNS” sign is returnable. This sign also indicates that after submitting a return request, you are qualified to get a pre-paid return label.

    Items designated as final sale or special orders, as well as any shipping fees, are not eligible for returns.

    Customers are urged to return items to Lulu and Georgia in their original packaging and in brand-new condition. You can use different packaging as long as it adequately seals the item you’re returning if you no longer have the original.

    When refunding products purchased during sales with discounted shipping, a 10% postage fee may be subtracted from the original cost of the item.

    Visit the return portal on their website to start the return procedure. You will want both your email address and the order number from your initial transaction.

    You must email customer service to start the return procedure for bigger or more fragile furniture items that are labelled as “OVERSIZED or WHITE GLOVE RETURNS.” Due to their bigger size, these products will probably be regarded as freight returns and charged a 25% restocking fee.

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