Are these the mattresses you should be relying upon, is Simba taking us to reach any goodness? Let’s find out!

What is Simba Sleep?

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Fresh innovation and a go to for great sleep don’t happen overnight. Developed in patented springs that move air in such free motion that it becomes able to balance the temperature – unlike pure memory foam which traps heat in. Simba ® spring comfort layer is known to be traditional hot sinky memory foam.

Are Simba mattresses worth having?

Simba Hybrid, £569

Is the Simba Hybrid mattress any good? – Which? News

is known as a double mattress and has to be Simba’s best seller, whereas other mattresses are proven to feel warmer when you sleep on, Simba’s Hybird is a medium warmed up as tested by few experts.

Simba Pro, £794

Is the Simba Hybrid mattress any good? – Which? News (Which?) |  CompanyNewsHQ

this one is a pro in their range, it has more foam as in quantity wise and also, here’s some good news if you’re going through any foam that is cooling and has a minimum warmness to it, go for this one, its perfect.

Simba Cool Foam, £199

Cool Foam Mattress | Simba Cool Foam Mattresses

the most affordable one so far in their list has to be Simba cool foam but according to the tests that were conducted by some experts, this doesn’t feel that cool but also not that warm and can suit everyone individually. However, it doesn’t have much foam in it so quantity perspective, it’s a minimum.

How are these mattresses designed?

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They claimed that they’ve sold over 1 million mattresses already and that too having amazing reviews, you can get an idea from this but oh well, the colour combination of these amazing mattresses have set a trend across the other stores in UK. The baby blues bring more of an energetic vibe if compared. It has a simple yet a modernized design. 

Although, it absolutely depends on your personal preference but pillows that are light in color also go along with such mattresses that are designed by Simba.

In terms of firmness, experts have rated Simba on a scale of 1 to 10 in-between 6 or 7 which is authentically nice.

The alignment and combination of the Simba-Pure top layer and the base layer helps in giving the mattress a comfortable and reliably responsible feel. They’re designed to be supportive enough so that they could balance out the body weight in evenly.

Is Simba sleep friendly on delivery and warranty aspect?

Simba Mattress Review 2021 - What You Should Know (+Ratings)

Firstly, Simba delivers to the entire UK; this includes Scotland, Wales and offshore addresses. Details for the order could be tracked in-between 24 to 48 hours. Simba offers a 200 night’s trial on their mattresses which means you can return it in this time of span after making sure about any defect been found. How amazing is that!

The reason behind giving so much of space to their customers is that Simba wants every single buyer to be satisfied with the purchase by checking the product with such detail that there won’t be any ifs or buts left.

Simba assures it already that there won’t be any need to return the mattress back though because there team has put such material and brought it altogether in a way that you won’t be disappointed.

Additional services

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There’s an option of choosing a premium delivery service where you can have 2 men for delivery in your room of choice just in £20.  Also, the day before delivery you will receive a 2-hour description delivery window.  Just to give you a heads up, you will then receive a call 30 minutes before the actual thing gets delivered on your door-step – In that case you won’t be able to miss out on your stuff.

About the customer reviews

Europe’s favorite mattress in a box brand Simba has tremendous amount of customers wowing about the mattresses since quite a long time now.

Simba also tends to be world’s 5 star reviewed mattress. Mattress customer reviews count (4.8/60,500+). It stands on the 3rd position of best sellers list with its hybrid mattress.


Overall, yes. It’s 100 percent a good stuff that you should look up to because the material that goes along in the making of these mattresses is high quality and Simba isn’t the one to compromise on the quality whatsoever. No matter the prices or other aspects, Simba promises to stay true to its job.

Simba has won as being recognized as the most exceptional mattresses out there in this game.

Recently Simba got picked by few other sources and has been added up to their list of approved mattresses.

However, Simba’s range is extra ordinary but Hybrid form it takes the crown; it is the best for every preference.

  • Cooling mattress
  • Enough airflow space for the motion being circulated
  • Helps with providing relief to the body and supports it.
  • It’s rating out of 5 is around 4.5 which is just marvelous.

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