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Happy beds are a verified source to provide you a good night sleep. An online store that has a vast variety of mattresses that promises comfort, happy beds is a trusted merchant from all over the UK. They started it off in 2010 and are still on the go and are absolutely perfect to be relied upon. Happy beds took a magnificent turn when its growth went over the top. This huge online company has number one quality beds for your room and also other furniture could be brought from here.

Be it, adults or children and Modern or traditional, happy beds are even ready to give you a full makeover, they can cater for every situation of this sort. By keeping style preferences in mind, happy beds have it all – No matter what, happy beds got you covered.

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After starting up this venture in Northern England, 2010. Happy beds provide amazing high quality beds that also make your bedrooms look absolutely stunning. Their signature statement says it all, ‘because everyone deserves a good night sleep.’

Moreover, after completing a nine years of hardworking journey, happy beds product range is also enhanced and it ensures us more about good quality now than ever. From buying your stuff for the first time, you won’t stop going back to them again.

Their website goes into more details by categorizing everything, from orthopaedic mattresses to trundle mattresses you can find it all at happy beds. Besides just beds or mattresses, they have a huge variety of Furniture and accessories.

Everyone follows a different pattern of sleep, someone who prefers sleeping on its back will wake up differently and someone who prefers sleeping on front will have a different waking up pattern, happy beds will definitely take care of it. They have a range of products that ensure to make you get your ideal night sleep.

Also, happy beds offer 5-year guarantee, it can cover any defects as well in that span of time, and you will get to use their mattresses for good 5 years before you think to change it.

Down below is a list of mattresses that you can purchase from them and get welcomed to real comfort zone.

Ortho Mattress Review

ROYALE-FIRM-Divan-BED-Set-4-DRAWERS-with-Cream-ORTHOPAEDIC-MATTRESS-HEADBOARD-included-Size-4ft-Small-Double-other-sizes-availa…  | Divan bed, Mattress, Bedding sets

The best form of mattresses according to me has to be a foam mattress as they are the best in terms of providing rest to your body the way it needs. If you really want yourself to feel incredibly comfortable, go for super ortho mattress because it have already received up to 200 reviews, no doubt it has to be the best out of few others.

It is available in many sizes; whether you want a super king size or medium, you can have it. However it stands at 25 cm deep.

This mattress also makes use of standard open twine springs to best support a body. On top of that, there are assorted layers of satin and polyester which makes it a winner.

Majestic Mattress Review

Happy Beds Majestic Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung UK

For those who toss and turn while sleeping, this one’s for you – Pocket sprung mattresses are a tremendous choice. If your partner is restless and you are exhausted of it now, get a majestic mattress for you two. It has 1000 pockets springs that have been created in such way, they work to keep you and your loved one in your own discrete sleep zones in the bed, and therefore able to deliver a beautiful, relaxing night of sleep.

Changes in temperature is kind of an issue for a sleeper, mattress of this type keeps a balance of temperature in such way that it keeps it normal or down for you. This unique feature makes the mattress stay fresher at all times.

After every five to six weeks, by flipping and rotating it you can make this mattress feel fresher for a long time.

Inner comfort of any mattress is a choice and important but not all of them have a damask fabric quality, obviously because it’s particularly created by that. This takes it to a next level of coziness and comforting feel.

Neptune Mattress Review

Happy Beds Neptune Divan Bed Set Semi Orthopaedic Mattress with 2 Drawers  One Per Side and Headboard 3' Single 90 x 190 cm- Buy Online in Andorra at ProductId : 119002841.

You need an adorable but affordable mattress, yeah? This should be your choice. Happy beds have out done themselves by not compromising on the quality and keeping the price low for this mattress.  The ones who want to feel wonderful without breaking the bank; this is your thing then.

This mattress is designed in such way that you have to flip it regularly so it can maintain balance on every side of it and so as you could make use of it for longer time span. The mattress comes with a padded quilted top on each side. Choosing this from happy beds assures that you are willing to have a medium size in terms of firmness but you also want to feel comfortable while sleeping so this is it.

If your concern is that satin and polyester might lead it to overheated perspective, there’s no need for you to worry because it has air vents sewn on one side. They help in promoting a good air circulation and should give you a peaceful night sleep.


Overall in terms of firmness and comfort, happy beds always win. There are choices for every sleeper, ranges of medium and king size beds makes a customer 95% satisfied. Orthopaedic mattresses and Pocket sprung mattresses are also known for back pain relief. However, with few complaining about degrading comfort, relief may not be that longer than the alternatives. Happy beds are very refreshing and cooling as their quality tends to manage balance in terms of temperature.

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