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Get 20% Off On Selected Plants Purchase

Get 20% Off On Selected Plants Purchase
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    SALE!! Get Upto 50% Off On Plant’s Sale

    SALE!! Get Upto 50% Off On Plant's Sale
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    Multi Packs!! Order In Bundles & Save Upto 50% Off

    Multi Packs!! Order In Bundles & Save Upto 50% Off
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    Get Upto 40% Off On Selected Palm Trees Collection

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    Get Free Shipping On All Orders Over $129+ Purchase
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  • Who wouldn’t desire a picture-perfect outdoor paradise? We all aspire to have that charming English garden, but creating one requires a lot more work than we’d like to acknowledge or agree to. Fast Growing Trees made the initial move to streamline the process by providing a variety of plants and trees delivered right to any doorway.

    I’ll confess that this brand hasn’t received a lot of attention. Their name doesn’t actually appear anyplace else in the press or media, despite the fact that they do have 38.8k Instagram followers. However, it appears that this firm has gained the public’s attention.

    With this Fast Growing Trees review, I’ll get straight to it. I’m here to evaluate if this company’s items are worthwhile to purchase, therefore I’ll be looking at their missions, offerings, costs, and more.

    Before getting into the specifics of this company, I want to really lay some groundwork, so I’ll start with their history and purpose.

    This company was started in 2003 with the sole intention of encouraging people to cultivate a variety of different plants. This business emphasized quality and convenience its primary attributes in an effort to conveniently bring horticulture to people’s homes.

    The brand wants clients to be satisfied and safe in the knowledge that the delivery procedure will supply healthy and content plants by offering premium plants at competitive prices.

    Fast Growing Trees puts their best foot forward to help clients create the gardens of their dreams by guaranteeing a strong root system, a large range of plants, climatic and landscaping information, and a final 30-Day Guarantee to assure surviving and thriving plants.

    Of course, their commitment isn’t the only advantage of this company. This company has a lot of positive attributes, but I’ll only mention a few of my favorites…

    1. A wide variety of supplies, trees & plant items to finish that lovely garden.
    2. Helpful tips on soil, upkeep, and other topics.
    3. One-time replacement guarantee.
    4. Affordable costs.

    Since there is so much information on this company, it took me some time to sort through it all for this review and decide what to include.

    These cheerful and seasonally appropriate items, which give a peek of some of my favorite flowers and fruits, are guaranteed to win you over quickly. Sunlight, water, and a lot of love are all that are required.

    I am aware that while looking for fruit trees, picking just one favorite might be challenging. For this reason, I advise going all out with the 5-in-1 Apple Tree. This tree yields five different varieties of apples, providing the ideal collection for apple lovers. Gardeners can easily access the tart flavors of Granny Smiths and the sweet sensations of a Honey Crisp by combining the best of the best.

    Fans of baking, cooking, or munching may all agree that this one is a winner in our review. I’ll agree that this tree takes more work to water when it is first planted, but it will be worthwhile when you harvest five of your favorites for nothing at all.

    Prices and availability for this tree are currently unavailable, however those who are interested can sign up to get notifications when it becomes available.

    There may not be anything more cherished than picking and eating fresh cherries. Every year, the Bing Cherry Tree impresses with its tastes and appearance. It is sweet with a little bite.

    Once this tree is established, you won’t ever need to go to the store for cherries when hunger strikes. Instead, you’ll just only need to go outside for a tasty snack. Bing Cherries, which are plump, juicy, and sweet, are frequently among the bestselling varieties. With this one, there is no waste, just tasty treats that are simple to harvest and store for later use.

    Regarding the tree itself, its beauty strikes out right away. It doesn’t take much to get this tree settled in a new place because it can adapt to many types of soil. This magical tree performs all the work while you get the rewards, producing cherries within the first year of planting.

    Save money on summertime munchies while this plant is reduced from $100 to $90.

    Anyone can create a fence out of some wood or metal latticework, but the Emerald Green Arborvitae will consistently work the best, in my opinion.

    Although the name may not seem familiar, these plants are among the easiest to find. These trees are ideal for hedges and property lines because they flourish in close quarters and shoot up to the sky with their vivid green peaks dividing borders. The Arborvitae acquire popularity for their assistance in enhancing privacy as well as for their maintenance, packing in the branches for a tidy, uniform look.

    Actually, I should say minimal care because these trees grow quickly with little effort. Weekly maintenance and consistent sunshine will maintain this tree from shrinking in height. It actually doesn’t require much work beyond the first six months because rainfall should do the trick after roots have established themselves.

    With this, put up a logical screen. These hedges are on sale for $22 at the time that this Fast Growing Trees review is being written.

    Finding the ideal fit can be difficult for those who are new to gardening, but I’m making it simpler by introducing the snake plant.

    The Snake Plant is a fantastic plant to have on hand, whether you’re new to gardening or a seasoned veteran. These plants, which are tall and have luxuriant foliage, beckon the wild with their distinctive, angular look. These plants may quickly transform from a desktop plant to a standing plant, reaching heights of up to 4 feet.

    There are several sizes and types of snake plants, thus there is no such thing as a typical snake plant. Don’t worry, the directions are the same whether you choose a Zeylanica, Black Gold, or Laurentii.

    This particular plant takes very little work; in fact, it often does best when left alone. It thrives in the harshest environment, thus little light and minimal water have no impact. For $27, start a fresh collection.

    I’ll confess that the Autumn Embers Encore Azaleas aren’t really trees, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful.

    On a bigger scale, embrace the flaming colours of the fall season. This gorgeous crimson lining their garden will be loved by those who appreciate the cozy red, orange, and yellow colors of the season. This one will grow whether you plant them alone or in bunches to add some color to a plain garden.

    Despite its name, this plant remains vibrant and alive for the most of the year. There’s no putting this one aside because it blooms consistently from spring until October. These lovely plants are easy to take care of and require little maintenance, but they continue to bloom favorably as the weeks go by. For $45, you can organize a garden party, with these beautiful plants as the backdrop.

    With the development of the Meyer Lemon Tree, you’ll be transported back in time. You won’t have to go somewhere else to get lemons since they are so delicious, fruity, and fresh.

    It’s quite gratifying to pick a lemon straight from the tree and chop it up for cooking. The citrus fruit’s puckering flavor begs for sweet summer sweets, and the Meyer lemon’s sour-sweet balance only enhances the flavor.

    These citrus fruits, which stand between oranges and lemons, are ready all year round for making the ideal pitcher of lemonade. With its consistent growth in both indoor and outdoor situations, there is no reason why this plant wouldn’t start producing fruit after just one year. It doesn’t take long for this to sink in once it has. Start your gardening while this tree is discounted from $100 to $90.

    Customer Reviews

    It sounds fantastic to run a straightforward and fulfilling gardening business, but sometimes reality doesn’t match the ideal. I needed some quality assurance for this review because of this. The final results reveal a range of outcomes.

    Despite having hundreds of favorable reviews, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, this brand remains a bit of a mystery. However, it also has a handful of less favorable client accounts. I’ll start with the positive things and work my way down…

    As orders pour in with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of ratings for specific goods, the brand’s website has plenty of Fast Growing Trees reviews to spare. Based on 1,105 reviews, The Meyer Lemon Tree alone has a rating of 4.6/5.

    Customers not only applaud these items for their high quality and good condition, but also for the service that comes with them. One client claimed that their purchase was…

    “Shipped and arrived very quickly. Excellent condition! Already had buds which started opening only 3 days later. We haven’t even re-potted her yet.”

    These pieces provide clients slightly older plants that are simple to plant and frequently take little time to adapt to their new surroundings. I’ll confess that not every plant thrives, but this is true of any gardening endeavor. The environment these plants are placed in is always a gamble.

    As our Fast Growing Trees review demonstrates, plants may endure for years when given sufficient care. As this customer’s review demonstrates, plants may live for years when given basic care…

    “This tree is a high quality product, and I know because I purchased mine back in 2015. It is a beautiful looking tree.”

    Aside from the Meyer Lemon Tree, a variety of goods are available that each provide beautiful fruits and blooms to fill a garden. Take a look at a couple of these well-liked plants…

    1. Snake Plant – 4.9 out of 5 stars based on over 40 ratings.
    2. Autumn Embers Encore Azalea – 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 45 ratings.
    • Emerald Green Arborvitae – 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 420 ratings.
    1. Bing Cherry Tree – 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 145 ratings.
    2. 5-in-1 Apple Tree – 4.6 out of 5 stars based on over 75 ratings.

    Naturally, I can’t rely just on the brand website. We’ve all heard of companies that have edited or removed offensive content. Because of this, when I looked elsewhere, I was happy to see that SiteJabber has 4.7/5 stars based on over 93k ratings. It’s reasonable to state that I would trust this rating over most others because it has the most ratings I could find for this business. The larger the number, the less likely it is that there will be consumer prejudice because of the higher average. Although there are some unfavorable reviews on this site, most of them receive ratings of 4 or 5 out of 5 stars from consumers who were thrilled with their purchases and the level of care they received.

    One Fast Growing Trees review made a point of praising this company’s 30-day guarantee, “Super easy warranty. 30 day warranty claim. Only 5 of 30 trees didn’t take, but they were replaced hassle free!”

    Fast Growing Trees promises clients a replacement within 30 days if the tree or plant does not adapt to the new environment as anticipated, taking the worry out of that initial planting.

    Many claim that the plants may be addressed through the warranty to ensure that consumers get what they paid for, despite the fact that many of the negative reviews seen online center on problems with shipping and receiving dead or improper plants.

    I should also point out that not every tree received is incorrect. One client specifically said in their feedback that they, “Received the three wisteria vines I ordered, and was more than impressed with the care that was taken in preparing and boxing up the vines for shipping.”

    Although this company tries their best with shipping and packaging, not every detail can be taken into care. Any living object that is sent must account for the risk of anything occurring between shipment and arrival, this is why the company offers the guarantee.

    This company generally takes considerable care to wrap items for safe transportation.

    The majority of customer reviews on Dave’s Garden have an average rating of 7/10 based on more than 215 ratings. And center on the box, where buyers are impressed by what they saw and mentioned, “The soil was securely bagged and clean, no soil gnats. Leaves and stems are all perfect, full, and green. Not a single branch broken.”

    Regarding this brand, there seems to be a lot of good and very little bad. But I’m ready to take a chance if it means that beautiful trees and plants will be brought right to our front doors.

    Who Is Fast Growing Trees Targeted To?

    A plant haven like Fast Growing Trees may be appreciated by anybody with a green thumb. This company offers all the plants, trees, shrubs, materials, and other items need to get that lovely garden flourishing.

    Everyone may gain from a location with simple purchasing, shipping, and selection, from the novice gardener to the most experienced green fingers in the business.

    Are They Legit?

    Some issues with this brand raised some warning flags. Customers receiving incomplete purchases and dead plants appear to be the biggest problem, along with shipping and return issues.

    I’m not sure what to believe in this situation because the tens of thousands of reviews on SiteJabber appear to contradict these assertions. Overall, I have a tendency to think that this brand is authentic.

    Are They Worth Your Time & Money?

    After conducting all the research necessary for this review, I can safely say yes to this product. I adore the concept and the product variety that this company offers.

    Their packing appears to be reliable and safe to give the greatest conditions for the plants throughout transportation, and their replacement guarantee is a great fallback in the event that the worst occurs while traveling.

    I’m being cautious because of the unfavorable reviews I’ve seen. I am aware that they are not the majority, but there are enough of the same concerns to warrant some caution. Before committing to some of the larger products this business has to offer, I’d advise starting with a modest buy to test things out.

    Special Offers & Discounts

    This company is celebrating Spring at the moment this article is being written. In other words, there is a 10% discount on all products with the possibility of up to 50% off select items. While this sale is active, begin building your seasonal inventory.

    Where to Purchase Fast Growing Trees

    The fact that this brand is limited to their own website and has no alternatives like physical stores. 

    For a wide assortment and superior service, all goods should be ordered from their website (


    What tree grows the quickest?

    There isn’t really a single response to this topic. Depending on the habitat and care, a variety of trees can grow pretty quickly. Nevertheless, the following three trees grow quickly and often perform well…

    1. Tulip Poplar.
    2. Lombardy Poplar.
    3. Weeping Willow.

      These trees have some of the quickest growth rates, rising 5 to 8 feet on average per year.

    Their shipping policy

    It’s wise to get into any business knowing what to anticipate with regard to shipping. By providing real plants that we anticipate will survive and flourish, this company emphasizes how crucial it is. So, I’ve got all the fundamental shipping information here.

    1. Every shipment is monitored.
    2. Depending on where you are, delivery might take 1 to 5 days.
    3. Some plants can only be sent in the spring and summer since they are cold-sensitive.
    4. The average shipping cost is $20.
    5. Orders above $129 now qualify for free delivery.

    Although I am aware that there isn’t a set flat fee for shipping, from what I could tell, the price is in the $15 to $20 range, so budget on spending in that range until you reach the free shipping level.

    Their return policy

    Returning any living item may be challenging, especially when plants are fragile. This makes the return and refund process more challenging, but I’ll attempt to explain it…

    1. You can return hard products and gardening materials.
    2. Every plant comes with a 30-day replacement warranty.
    3. Returns must be made within two weeks after receipt and are subject to a 25% restocking charge.
    4. One-year warranties are available at the time of purchase for store credit and one-time replacements up to a year after the original purchase.
    5. Before any complaints or replacement requests may be fulfilled, a picture of the plant is required.

    Contacting customer care with the intention of making a return is the first step in any return. The customer will be walked through the process of getting that refund by representatives.

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