At Away, It’s not just our job to make each of these trips smoother, it’s our responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. We do this through our products, through the platform we have, and the community we create. Before selling a single suitcase, we have made it a priority to work with organizations that want to create a better world for all.

Away has since partnered with Global Giving, Peace Direct, and International Medical Corps, The Love of God We Deliver, and The Trevor Project. If you’ve bought something from Away, you’ve contributed to their work too. The world is commonplace, we can leave it better than we found it. Everything you need and nothing you don’t need.

Away start with the perfect suitcase, then we build and create a set of travel standards developed from the travel stories of friends and roommates. Our parts are not “smart” but well thought out, with features to solve travel problems and high-quality materials that are sturdy and beautiful.

The result is a set of travel standards that will help you find your way around by staying on the sidelines. In order to offer everyone access to better travel standards, we follow the direct route to the consumer. Away parts are made from the same top-quality materials as other premium luggage, but our overheads are much lower and our quality is guaranteed: your Away suitcase will be with you for a lifetime.

A woman with a back pack and a cloth face mask walking down a local neighborhood street with the with the label ‘Go Local’.

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