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SALE!! Enjoy Upto 40% Off On Sale Items

SALE!! Enjoy Upto 40% Off On Sale Items

SALE!! Enjoy Upto 40% Off On Sale Items
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    Express Your Style! Shop Our Women's Western Fashion Collection Starts From $16.17

    Express Your Style! Shop Our Women’s Western Fashion Collection Starts From $16.17

    Express Your Style! Shop Our Women's Western Fashion Collection Starts From $16.17
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    Checkout Our Western Boots Collection Starting From Just $25

    Checkout Our Western Boots Collection Starting From Just $25

    Checkout Our Western Boots Collection Starting From Just $25
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  • Checkout Our Women's Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $44.95

    Checkout Our Women’s Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $44.95

    Checkout Our Women's Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $44.95
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  • Checkout Our Men's Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $44.95

    Checkout Our Men’s Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $44.95

    Checkout Our Men's Best Sellers Collection Starting As Low As $44.95
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  • Checkout Our Women's New Arrvials Collection Starting From $22.95

    Checkout Our Women’s New Arrvials Collection Starting From $22.95

    Checkout Our Women's New Arrvials Collection Starting From $22.95
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  • Checkout Our Men's New Arrvials Collection Starting From $22.95

    Checkout Our Men’s New Arrvials Collection Starting From $22.95

    Checkout Our Men's New Arrvials Collection Starting From $22.95
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    Enjoy Free Shipping On Your All Orders

    Enjoy Free Shipping On Your All Orders
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    Signup & Get 10% Off Your First Purchase

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  • For men, women, and children, Ariat is a footwear and clothing company that specializes in equestrian performance gear that is influenced by western fashion trends. Their footwear, which is designed for optimum comfort and durability, is what they are most well-known for.

    With over 984K Instagram followers and mentions in prestigious magazines like Forbes and Independent, the stylish company has drawn a lot of attention.

    In order to assist you decide whether or not to purchase their equestrian boots and equipment, this Ariat boots review will look at some of their most well-liked goods, user reviews, their new releases, and more.

    The Story of Ariat

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that Ariat’s co-founder and CEO have a passion for horses because equestrian performance apparel is the company’s key selling point. Beth Cross spent the most of her life surrounded by animals while working on a horse farm in Pennsylvania.

    “I have a vivid recollection of watching Secretariat win the Kentucky Derby while in front of the TV in 1973. He went on to win the Triple Crown, creating benchmarks that are still in place, according to Beth Cross, creator of Ariat. He is a constant inspiration for our firm because of his athleticism and unrelenting competitive attitude.”

    In 1993, Ariat was established as “the new type of boot.” They were the pioneers of equestrian boots with athletic technology. Ariat collaborates with international manufacturers to create innovative footwear designs that guarantee the utmost in comfort, toughness, and performance. Several of their footwear are constructed in 150 steps.

    While making high-quality shoes and clothing is Ariat’s first priority, the company also donates a percentage of its profits to a number of worthwhile causes, including…

    Veterans are enlisted by the nonprofit disaster relief group Team Rubicon USA to continue their service.

    The nonprofit Folds of Honor offers educational scholarships to the partners and children of wounded military personnel and soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

    America’s Gold Star Families, which offers free programmes and assistance to the bereaved families.

    For wounded Western sports players, the Western Service Fund offers financial support, life counselling, and medical care.

    EQQUS is a national animal welfare organisation in the US that works to improve human-horse relations and promote the welfare of American horses.

    Our research of Ariat footwear reveals that the company supports a total of 12 charitable endeavours. We offer this brand substantial extra points for their significant support of national charities since it is highly outstanding.

    Before we begin our Ariat boots critique, let’s go over some of their benefits and drawbacks…


    1. Provides a wide range of equestrian athletes with high-performance Ariat footwear, boots, clothing, and accessories.
    2. Consumers may browse for various fashions in the Western, Work, English, Outdoor, and Leisure categories.
    3. Thousands of wonderful testimonials from customers
    4. For a high-end equestrian business, Ariat boots are relatively affordable.
    5. They donate a part of their revenue to 12 nonprofits.
    6. Offers financing through AfterPay.


    1. Occasionally, albeit infrequently, there are some unfavourable consumer feedback on a few sites.

    The brand offers a wide selection of footwear styles, including riding boots, lifestyle and casual shoes, and Ariat Wagga boots for trekking. Western, Old English, Work, Leisure, Casual, and Outdoor wear are the categories under which Ariat shoes and boots fall.

    Moreover, Ariat provides a variety of performance apparel for kids, women, and adults. Buyers may explore collections that include blouses, jeans, shorts, skirts, denim, jackets, vests, and English riding attire. For people that work with fire dangers, they also provide a variety of fire-resistant shirts, sweaters, and trousers.

    Together with their apparel and shoes, Ariat offers a variety of accessories, like as caps, gloves, belts, backpacks, and more, for riding, working, and everyday use. While they have a large selection, this Ariat footwear review will concentrate on a few pieces of clothing and boots for men and women.

    Men’s apparel from Ariat prepares men for sporting events, leisurely riding, and relaxing. Ariat offers a variety of designs for various situations, including cosy plaid shirts for the next barrel race, English-style polo shirts, and snug coats for chilly days spent in the stable. A few adaptable best sellers for male riders are highlighted in this overview of Ariat boots.

    The Ariat TEK Polo t-shirt lets you look fashionable while being at ease. With the aid of cutting-edge fabric technology, this specialty polo is made to wick away sweat, battle odour, and keep you cool on hot days. Its performance fabric shields you from UV radiation with a UPF rating of 45.

    This t-shirt is made entirely of polyester and features a ribbed collar and the Ariat emblem embroidered on the breast as a finishing touch. Make the Ariat TEK Polo, available in 8 colours, your new work shirt for $37. As an alternative, you may pay for it in 4 $9.25 interest-free AfterPay payments.

    On chilly days, put on the Ariat FR Caldwell Sweater Jacket before going to the barn. The jacket has Ariat’s exclusive DuraLight Stretch Canvas abrasion-resistant panels at the forearms and shoulders and is made of premium fleece and flame-resistant fibres.

    This zip-up sweater jacket has additional breast and side pockets for your phone, wallet, and keys. A crew neck, fitted jeans, and tan boots will finish the ensemble. The Ariat FR Caldwell Sweater Jacket retails for $280 and comes in a cool grey tone. Consider four $70 interest-free AfterPay installments if you’re feeling sticker shock.

    The women’s line at Ariat includes everything from delicate flowery dresses and skirts to crisp English riding jackets and bootcut trousers for everyday Western riding. After your competition or trail ride, put on your equestrian basics before dressing up for a night out. Check out these well-liked women’s Ariat pieces…

    The Ariat Kirby Stretch Shirt demonstrates that the typical collared button-down doesn’t have to be rigid and formless. Equestrians have worn-tested this specialist dress shirt because it has performance features and materials for the best fit and durability. Moreover, it boasts improved arm mobility and seam construction for fluid action.

    Stretch poplin, cotton, and spandex are used to create this traditional button-down. It is designed to resist wrinkles and allow for ease of movement. There are 11 colour options for the Ariat Kirby Stretch Shirt, some of which are cream, patterned white, blue, and purple.

    With some vintage-inspired bell bottom jeans, cowboy boots, and a necktie scarf as an additional accent, the Ariat Kirby Stretch Shirt looks amazing. The cost of this Ariat shirt has been reduced from $50 to a reasonable $35. As an alternative, you can choose 4 $12.50 interest-free AfterPay payments.

    The Ariat First Rodeo Vest makes people think of going to rodeos, county fairs, or caring for the family farm in the fall. This cotton and rayon twill vest has a warm, desert brown colour and is meant to look country chic. A quirky knot in the belt to define your waist and a ribbon with a tribal motif running down the zipper line give finishing touches.

    The vest has four pockets that may be used to hold your phone, wallet, or an emergency carrot for your horse before the races start. The Ariat First Rodeo Vest costs $75, or you may choose the AfterPay repayment plan for 4 interest-free payments of $18.75.

    Men’s Ariat boots are tough and made to get dirty while working. Including elegant English boots, vibrant Western styles, steel toe and composite work boots, and more. Three of Ariat’s

    For low-impact applications, the Ariat Spitfire Boots are the best slip-on work shoes. These boots have a sturdy outsole and are composed of luxurious full-grain leather. The distinctive boot provides support and stability and has an EVA midsole for cushioning and modest shock absorption. To assist you in navigating rocky terrain, it has a rubber outsole with multidirectional tread and forefoot flex grooves.

    These Ariat boots are offered in a variety of brown or completely black hues, as well as two colourful variations with vivid blue or green laces and soles. The Ariat Spitfire Boots cost $110 and come in two widths: D medium and EE wide. These boots may also be bought in 4 interest-free AfterPay payments of $27.50 each.

    Most popular boot designs for men are highlighted in this review…

    For muddy, slippery, and difficult terrains, the Ariat Groundbreaker Boots are straightforward, no-nonsense work boots. These slip-resistant boots, according to Ariat, are ideal for use in factories, warehouses, farms, and ranches as well as construction. They are constructed with 4LR technology, which provides support and padding for long workdays on your feet.

    The foot of these Ariat boots is made of full-grain leather, and the top is suede. They come in D medium and EE widths and have an earth brown tone. The cost of the Ariat Groundbreaker Boots is $130. You may pay $32.50 in 4 interest-free payments using AfterPay.

    The Ariat WorkHog Boots feature all you need in a pair of tough, stylish cowboy boots with extra grip to avoid slipping. These Ariat work boots, which feature ATS Max technology, provide the most side-to-side stability for optimum body alignment and fatigue reduction. This pair combines comfort and durability with an abrasion-resistant Duratread outsole and a cushioned EVA midsole.

    The large square toe on these steel toe boots from Ariat will shield your foot from clumsy hooves. They are embellished with a deep scallop and a Western stitch design. A reinforced finger hole makes it simple to put on and take off. There are three distinct widths available: EE broad, D medium, and B narrow. The Ariat WorkHog Boots are available for $210 and can help you go to work while looking terrific. Instead, pay $52.50 in 4 interest-free AfterPay payments.

    Ariat offers a variety of women’s boots in various designs and lengths if you’re looking for high-quality riding and barn shoes. Cowboy boots in the rodeo style, elegant leather English riding boots, waterproof pairs for cleaning stalls, and more. Look at these classic pairs…

    If you still want to give your ensemble a rural vibe, the Ariat Dixon Western Boots are the best city footwear to wear. These Ariat cowboy boots are from their New West line, which was created with comfort and durability in mind. These ankle boots include a full-grain leather foot and upper that are constructed of quality leather and have a lovely ornate stitch design.

    This design is elevated by the side cutout element, which also makes slip-on entrance simple. They come in nine distinct colours for further customization. An oversized sweater, a pair of slim denim jeans, and the Ariat Dixon Western Boots will go well together. You can get this pair of boots for $185. Choose the AfterPay option for four $46.25 interest-free installments to lessen the pain.

    The Ariat Paddock Boots are designed for days when your mare is being worked in the pen. The full-grain leather top of this boot has a breathable liner and moisture-wicking technology. The Duratread outsole has rider-tested traction zones for optimum resistant wear, and a cushioned top collar provides additional comfort.

    The sole’s built-in heel cushion and landing area are created with ease of heel striking and stride in mind. The sole is intended to absorb shock. These lace-up Ariat Paddock Boots are $140 and come in black and brown. These Ariat boots are available for $35 over 4 interest-free payments with AfterPay.

    The Fatbaby boots from Ariat have a stylish vintage cowboy look. These boots have a subdued gray-brown colour and a recognisable stitch pattern for a worn-in appearance. The front of the boot has a little paisley pattern that is coloured thread embroidered into it to give it some flair.

    Your feet will like the integrated Pro Crepe Light outsoles since they are cosy, strong, and streamlined. This Ariat Boots review suggests wearing these boots with loose-fitting button-downs and high-waisted jeans.

    The $100 Ariat Fatbaby Boots appear to be a good investment. Remember that you may also choose to pay $25 over 4 interest-free AfterPay payments.

    Customer Reviews

    Our review of Ariat boots uncovered largely good customer testimonials on their website. Customers who were pleased with their purchases commented on the quality of the Ariat boots and how attractive the clothes were. The following customer review sums it up best: “These boots have never failed me down. Boots that are quite cosy and offer excellent support. One reviewer of the Ariat WorkHog Boots stated that they are simple to put on and take off.

    A 1/5-star rating out of 10 reviews is given to Ariat on the Better Business Bureau website. The majority of testimonials describe bad experiences with shipment and customer assistance. Due to its inability to address/respond to two concerns, Ariat earns a grade of F. On Trustpilot, Ariat has a 1.7-star rating out of 33 reviews. Customers have complained about poor customer service and lengthy shipment times. Some were unimpressed with the boots’ build quality.

    Reviews of Ariat on other websites paint a totally different picture. On Influenster, Ariat has received an amazing 4.7/5 ratings from 147 reviews. Numerous reviewers on Influenster who identify as riders vouch for the company, regularly wear the boots or clothes, and have faith in the product’s quality. In a similar vein, Ariat boots sell like hotcakes on Amazon:

    • Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot – 4.7/5 stars out of 8,423 ratings
    • Men’s Circuit Patriot Western Boot – 4.7/5 stars out of 1,166 ratings
    • Men’s Groundbreaker Workboot – 4.6/5 stars out of 3,623 ratings (rated #1 in Men’s Work Boots)
    • Men’s Midtown Rambler Casual Boot – 4.6/5 stars out of 1,731 ratings
    • Women’s Dixon Western Boot – 4.6/5 stars out of 530 ratings
    • Women’s Mid-Rise Bootcut Jean – 4.4/5 stars out of 3,347 ratings

    It is obvious that Ariat reviews differ greatly depending on the review website examined. It’s crucial to remember that there are thousands of really favourable evaluations available elsewhere, as opposed to the 43 reviews altogether that Trustpilot and the BBB have rated negatively.

    Do They Use Real Leather?

    According to this evaluation of Ariat boots, the bulk of their footwear is constructed from real leather.

    Does The Brand Make Its Products In U.S?

    Although Ariat boots are manufactured in China and Mexico, the designs are American.

    Their Shipping Policy

    US Orders

    Throughout the contiguous United States, Ariat offers free standard delivery via UPS Ground or FEDEX Ground Shipment. Orders are sent by USPS Ground and FedEx Ground, and delivery times range from 8 to 12 business days. Orders for Ariat from Alaska and Hawaii are shipped using USPS Priority Mail and arrive in a similar amount of time as those from the rest of the US.

    Orders Placed Internationally

    Customers of Ariat in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and South America are required to buy items via partner merchants. Ariat must be contacted directly to inquire about locations.

    Clients from Asia and South America must speak with Ariat US (see our How to Contact section). Border and customs costs for international orders must be paid at the time of purchase.

    Their Return Policy

    If you want to cancel an order from Ariat, you may do so for free as long as the products are returned unused and within 30 days of the original purchase date. In order to obtain a refund, you must make sure that their returns centre receives your product within 15 days of the day you requested a return.

    Customers can access their return portal or send customer service an email to request a return label.

    Tracking Your Order

    Simply visit Ariat’s website, scroll to the bottom, and select “track your purchase” to find out the status of your order. You may enter your order number and email or sign in.

    Final Verdict

    Ariat is unquestionably worthwhile a try when you consider the limited sample size for unfavourable Trustpilot and BBB ratings in contrast to the hundreds of really good evaluations. It’s much more probable that you’ll appreciate the company’s items than that you’ll have complaints aimed towards it.

    In order to help riders in professional, competitive, and informal situations, Ariat offers a large assortment of apparel and footwear. They were the first to combine athletic technology with equestrian apparel, and their firm, which has over 20 years of experience, is a leader in their field.

    The welfare and financial assistance of veterans and their families, the families of deceased troops, horses, and Western riders are among the causes that Ariat supports through its involvement in a number of charitable organisations. It’s comforting to know that if you purchase the brand, a portion of your money will go to one of many deserving organisations.

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